Organic Aloe Gel


for the treatment of skin irritations

ALOE BARBADENSIS characteristics:
Facing the first and second degree burns and sunburns
Minor cuts and abrasions

• Eczema
It treats acne
• Works as a moisturizer
• Reduces stretch marks
• Ideal for makeup base

Most often the aloe gel is used as a sedative in various skin irritations such as burns, corns, scars, herpes. aloe is absorbed faster than water and thus the skin heals quickly. Moreover, aloe keeps skin soft and is used for body care and hair, as it hydrates, increases collagen production and strengthens their natural defenses.

It is considered effective treatment for acne.
Retards skin aging and fights the itching and skin allergies. Fights against insect bites, the eczema and fungal diseases, and can even restrict psoriasis. Significantly reduces stretch marks and skin blemishes.

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